2013 MAA PREP Workshop

Modeling: Early and Often in Undergraduate Calculus

Daniel Kaplan, Randall Pruim, Eric Marland, and Karl-Dieter Crisman

July 8 – 12, 2013
Caldwell, Idaho

Modeling is an important mathematical skill, yet instructors are often at a loss when it comes to teaching it. This workshop will help you teach modeling in a way that strengthens your students’ development of mathematical concepts, interest in mathematics, and appreciation for the uses of mathematics. Based on ideas and materials developed as part of the NSF-supported Project MOSAIC, whose aim is to create stronger connections among modeling, statistics, computation and calculus, the workshop will share existing materials for teaching modeling-based calculus from the introductory level through differential equations. As part of the workshop, you will develop a syllabus for integrating modeling into one of your own courses and a modeling case study. Come see how modeling can be your ally in teaching undergraduate calculus.

More details information about the schedule of the workshop will be posted as they become available.

Primary funding is provided by NSF DUE- 0920350.

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