eCOTS 2014 Workshop

This page has information and materials related to the May 22, 2014, eCOTS Workshop entitled Effective Teaching using R, RStudio, and the MOSAIC Package.


Here are some materials used or referred to in the workshop.  Shortly after the workshop, we plan to post slides and some additional materials.

RStudio Server

We have created accounts for workshop participants on the Calvin College RStudio server.

RStudio Quick Start

New to R or RStudio?  Here are some slides showing how to get things installed on your computer.

Installing the mosaic package in your own local R

The mosaic package is already installed on our RStudio Server.  If you prefer to work on your own version of R and RStudio, we recommend that you install the newest version of the mosaic package as follows (this only needs to happen once):


To use the package (this needs to happen once in each R session):

require(mosaic)     # or library(mosaic)