JMM 2015 Minicourse

Teaching Statistics with R and RStudio

Time: 9-11 am Saturday and Monday

Location: Room 206B, Convention Center

Description:  R is a freely available language and environment for statistical computing and graphics that has become popular in academia and in many industries. But can it be used with students? This mini-course will introduce participants to teaching applied statistics courses using computing in an integrated way. The presenters have been using R to teach statistics to undergraduates at all levels for the last decade and will share their approach and some of their favorite examples. Topics will include workflow in the RStudio environment, providing novices with a powerful but manageable set of tools, data visualization, basic statistical inference using R, and resampling. Much of this will be facilitated using the mosaic package.

The minicourse is designed to be accessible to those with little or no experience teaching with R, and will provide participants with skills, examples, and resources that they can use in their own teaching.

Link to info at MAA:


RStudio Server:  We have set up an RStudio Server with accounts for each workshop participant.  This allows users to use R in any web browser.  Think of it as Facebook for statistics.  You can set up your own RStudio server pretty easily.  Check out this blog about RStudio in the Cloud for Dummies.

mosaic package:  We use the mosaic package extensively to simplify R for students while still providing a powerful set of tools.  The package is freely available on CRAN, the Comprehensive R Archive network.

Vignettes:  Each participant will receive a printed copy of two of the package vignettes:

These are also available from within the mosaic package or at the CRAN mosaic package webpage, as is a version of

Feedback: We have set up a google doc where you can ask questions or provide feedback on the workshop.

Teaching Intro Statistics:  R Pruim and L Park have put together drafts of companion volumes for two Intro Stats books that use resampling.  Each shows how to use the mosaic package to create all the figures and analyses in the associated book.

We have also created R packages to accompany each book.  These packages contain all of the data sets in R-friendly format.

Handouts, Quizzes, etc.

Nick’s R Resources Page