The purpose of the MOSAIC community is to help us share ideas and resources to improve mathematics teaching, and to develop a curricular and assessment infrastructure to support the dissemination and evaluation of these ideas. Drawing on support from the US National Science Foundation (NSF DUE-0920350) we have developed a plan that involves four main components:

  1. A series of regularly scheduled seminars, delivered via the Internet, that will provide a forum for instructors to share their insights and innovations and to develop collaborations to refine and develop them. These seminars, called M-CASTS will start in Sept. 2010. The planned topics for the initial M-CASTS are described here.

    Our plan is to enlist many faculty and instructors as M-CAST leaders and to broadly on the talents and insights of reform-minded teachers and researchers from around the US and the world.

  2. The development of a concept inventory to support teaching modeling. It's somewhat rare in today's curriculum for modeling to be taught. College and university catalogs are filled with descriptions of courses in statistics, computation, and calculus. There are many textbooks in these areas and the most new faculty teaching statistics, computation, and calculus have a solid idea of what should be included. But modeling is different. It's generally recognized as important, but few if instructors have a clear view of the essential concepts.

  3. The construction of syllabi for courses that teach the MOSAIC topics in a better integrated way. Such courses might be wholly new constructions, or they might be incremental modifications of existing courses that draw on the connections between the MOSAIC topics.

  4. Providing faculty development and training opportunities. Since the MOSAIC topics are today usually in isolation, few faculty and instructors have an opportunity to see how they can be integrated productively. Project MOSAIC will organize summer workshops starting in 2012 that will help faculty to become familiar with approaches to bringing the MOSAIC topics together.

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Upcoming M-CASTs

Feb 10, 1pm (CST)
Identifying Modeling Misconceptions

JMM January 2012 Presentations:
MAA PREP Workshop
July 9-13

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Talks from the July 2010 Kick-Off Workshop