The most frequent recurring events in the MOSAIC community will be regularly scheduled 30-minute seminars offered over the Internet: M-CASTS. One purpose of a M-CAST is to enable an innovator to share an innovation and get feedback on it from interested members of the community.

The M-CASTS are meant to be informal and easy: just a chat among a small group. If there's interest, an M-CAST can be repeated on other occasions. Sometimes they may be the start of a collaboration among interested members of the MOSAIC community, sometimes just a way to share an idea that others can try out in their own teaching.

The M-CASTS are intended to require very low overhead so that a maven can report on or propose an innovation without investing a lot of effort or expense. The idea is to test ideas and join forces to help an innovation develop, rather than waiting until it is ``finished'' or ``proven'' or ``peer reviewed.'' M-CASTS are designed to be easy to put together, easy to listen to, easy to repeat when requested, and small enough to allow the participants to be active and to investigate how they would adopt the innovation at their own institution or in their own classes.

We encourage new people to join the MOSAIC community by participating in M-CASTS and leading their own. To prime the pump, we are planning M-CASTS on a range of subjects: