R Packages

The mosaic Package

Project MOSAIC is sponsoring work on an R package to facilitate teaching modeling, statistics, and calculus using R The mosaic package is available on CRAN (the comprehensive R archive network) and via github using

# uncomment the next line if you want to be a beta-tester
# install_github("ProjectMOSAIC/mosaic", ref = "beta")
# if your system is properly equipped, you can build vignettes as well
# install_github("ProjectMOSAIC/mosaic", ref="beta", build_vignettes=TRUE)


Want to offer feedback or make suggestions for new features?  Send email to

or create an issue on github.

Additional Resources

We have assembled a number of vignettes highlighting various aspects of using R and the mosaic package.

Minimal R

How much R does it take to teach an Intro Stats course?  Not as much as you might think.  Randall Pruim has put together

based on his Intro Stats courses.  He has also put together a presentation introducing the mosaic package to instructors.  This is available as slides used at an ICTOS 2014 workshop and as a vignette within the package (in a more traditional vignette layout.)

R for instructors (a.k.a. the Little Books)

If you are considering teaching statistics with R but aren’t sure you know enough (either about R itself or about how to teach with R), you might like one of these which are available at https://github.com/ProjectMOSAIC/LittleBooks

  • Start Teaching Statistics Using R
  • A Compendium of Commands to Teach Statistics Using R
  • Start Modeling with R (coming soon)

Included in the package vignettes is also a shorter document on Resampling with R.

Calculus with R?

Yes!  Danny Kaplan and colleagues at Macalester College have been using R for Calculus and we’ve recently added in expanded calculus functionality to the mosaic package.  Find out more in